Asees Kohli

If you are too tired to speak, sit next to me for I, too, am fluent in silence.



You ask why k-pop? i'll answer your question

It confuses me at times how people show they are very open minded and want to live in a progressive societ...


Sometimes left is right 💯

While watching the Kdrama 'Do you like Brahms', Director Na Moon Sook says " Sometimes I have to become th...


Are you a wildflower?

Are you a wildflowerThat doesn't need sunlight to growJust starts spreading it's fragrance</...


The thunderstorm

As we all go through a tough time, let's not lose hope. We all are lost but will eventually find our way. ...


Love : no terms and conditions applied 💌

Okay. Marriage is a legal contract between two individuals to spend the rest of their lives together. But ...


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