Ekjot Kaur

I am an astronaut venturing in the cosmos and my words are my rocket fuel.



Catfishing or reality: meeting people online

Internet is a broad network that allows us to connect to new people in a matter of a few seconds. It provides us with...


Everything everything: a review

Everything Everything was the debut novel of Nicola Yoon who rose to fame soon after. The s...


Not a mere habit: nail biting

Nail-biting is a very commonly seen disorder. It is so common that people do not refer to it as a disorder but as a m...


The adventures of bertha

KABOOMThe explosion shook the whole building and the three shadows in the dark tow...


Unrequited love

If it is something I said or did, tell me,for I can’t take this distance anymore.You act so cold and em...


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