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5 eminent and brilliant judges of india who were not so popular

JUSTICE G D KHOSLA<img src="https://res.cloudinary.com/dzb231tiw/image/upload/v1614101065/298...


When i opened my eyes i saw my mom.

When i opened my eyesI saw my mom, My feet were coldBut the room was warmIt wa...


Marcus & the nine lords. (part 2)

A dim lit room which smells of freesias, and two girls. One with a black imperial scorpion imprinted on he...


Reason behind narendra modi’s back to back victories.

Would you swing a sledgehammer to kill a fly? Would you dare to swim a channel against a flow? Would you stand agains...


Marcus & the nine lords. (part 1)

The weather is bad tonight. Heavy rain and winds make it more difficult to survive. A man, wearing a black tuxedo, hi...


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