Jaskeerat Kaur

RAB RAAKHA🙏 A day dreamer trying to put her imagination into words🌸✨ Need support ❤️



Travel through human body - corpus museum

TRAVEL THROUGH HUMAN BODY - CORPUS MUSEUMSo I was just going through my Instagram ...


School partners to life partners...the moment i felt for the first time

The moment I felt for the first time.....So the date was December 30, 2010, I was in 9th class and that was th...


Dargavs village : city of dead

DARGAVS VILLAGE : CITY OF DEADSo i was just scrolling my feed on instagram and came across this interesting pl...


How do i become mentally strong??

HOW DO I BECOME MENTALLY STRONG???People nowadays are going to gym to make their body strong, for physical fit...


The truth serum

THE TRUTH SERUM"The truth serum" isn't this word seems interesting? So i think you all must have understood ab...


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