Kirti Bhandari

Knowledge freak, passionate explorer. I love conversations.



Procrastination: types and tricks to get started

In the last few weeks, the temperature has dropped and so has my will to get out of bed. The blanket feels...


The place i call home: my dream house

   If you could live anywhere, on this big blue planet, where would it b...


Simple meal ideas for busy adults | food everyone should know how to cook

Being an adult living independently very difficult, that's a fact. Moving out of your parents' house and l...


Druk (another round) review | cannes film festival 2020

Druk (Another Round) 2020&nbsp;Genre: Comedy-Drama<li...


Inspirations for bucket list | things you must do once in your lifetime.

When we were teenagers, we make an ultimate bucket list for ourselves. This list comprises things that mat...


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