Shivani Negi

I love Reading ,Writing and Binge Watching k-dramas! :)



Travelling : alone or in groups ?

Nowadays, we all have a busy schedule and lifestyle which is confined to stress and tensions.All the hustle and bustl...


A thousand splendid suns : book review

"One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs,Or the thousand splendid sun...


Importance of learning art during school days

Let's start with learning about a simple term called 'ART' , some of you might think that art only i...


How to become a 2.0 version of yourself?

Have you ever thought about changing yourself? Your perspective towards life ?The way you work on things?When ...


Is college education needed nowadays?

Well, this is one of the most complex topics to exist nowadays!As education system has become so vast that som...


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