Sowmya Gogineni

Newbie but a quick learner!



Pet talks - is the human-animal communication possible ?

I have a pet dog. Sometimes I wonder what if pets can talk in real-life like the 'Cats and Dogs' movie? Wouldn't it b...


Don’t ‘whisper’, stay free! - all about menstrual cups

ALERT: This article is for all the women who are not aware of MENSTRUAL CUPS, who are on the fence, and for t...


Clash of movie titans - bollywood actors vs hollywood actors

Most of us are usually obsessed with either of the three. CRICKET, MOVIES, AND POLITICS. ...


Chapati movement – the silent kickestarter of indian independence movement

The Indian Independence movement was a prolonged movement that lasted for many years. Many people had stru...


Ott streaming – now and the future of the entertainment

Being a 90s kid, the only source of entertainment in those days were TV and movie theatres. With regards to the TV, w...


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