Sumit Raj Jha

Engineering student



States in india and their famous cuisines

Hi, most of us are fond of delicious foods, but most us just know few cuisines. This article will be mouth watering f...


What happened after mahabharata war?

Hi, all of us have heard about Mahabharata a great war between Kauravas and <strong...


The root causes of increasing crime rates in india. what steps can be taken to manage it?

Everyday we can see in News that in this state, this crime happened. Every another day new crime happens. But most of...


Uniform in schools vs uniform in college

Hi, in Schools everyone has to wear uniform but in some colleges too students have to wear uniform. Students thinks t...


How is the use of mobile technology bad for kids?

Hi, nowadays we can see almost everyone is having their personal mobile, kids too. When we were small, in every house...


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